Mobile Billboards

Get your message out there with a custom mobile billboard.

Your location

Try one of the most cost-effective advertising options available.

Rolling Exposure

Whether you prefer a generic design or something unique, we can help.

Personal Messages

Make that special occasion even more special with a mobile billboard.

Your Message Can't Be Ignored

Learn how you can get your message across with a mobile billboard rental

Mobile billboards are becoming increasingly popular with businesses that want to maximize their exposure and minimize their spending. Few advertising options reach as many people for as low of a cost as mobile billboards. If you're interested in renting your own, you've come to the right place.

Nomad Mobile Billboards designs banners and rents billboards for businesses all throughout South Jersey. We can also help you send a personal message with one of our eye-catching billboards. Call today to get the project started.

Why mobile billboards?

Before you shell out for a newspaper or television ad, consider renting a mobile billboard. Mobile billboards offer:

Great value for money

Quick turnaround times

Effective advertising

We make it easy to bring in customers and draw eyes to your message. Plus, we'll install solar lighting around your billboard, meaning it will be clearly seen at all times. Contact us today to go over all your options with one of our friendly team members.

Wondering what Nomad Mobile Billboards can do for you? We offer:

  • Business advertising services
  • Banner design services
  • Mobile billboard rental services

You might be surprised by just how low our prices are, and we even offer free standard delivery. Call today for a free estimate on your advertising project.