Your Message Won't Be Ignored

Nomad Mobile Billboards are an effective way to get noticed. New and Different they cannot be ignored by the consumer. 7'x 5', Double Sided Vinyl banner with solar illumination. Park it near your business, property or event and get noticed!

Nomad Mobile Billboards offer messaging for every occasion:

  • Business Promotion
  • Political Campaigns
  • Grand Openings & Product Launches
  • Sales & Special Offers
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Personal Messages
  • Community Events and More

At Nomad Mobile Billboards, we have the professional experience to make your mobile billboard campaign painless and effective. For the most cost effective and best recall rate, rent a Nomad Mobile Billboard. Contact us today at 609-742-9908.



Text "Snap Back" Option

Consumers enter a 5 digit text number and a short "Key Word" and your coupon, sale or event is on their phone.

You control the message, the redemption requirements, and the expiration date.

Add "Snap Back" to your Nomad Billboard message for greater response and trackability.

Try it! Text: Yepper to: 31996 and see for yourself.

Standard "Snap Back" graphic design included.

Nomad Mobile Billboards:

When and Where You Need It.

When you own a business, your advertising needs are constantly changing, which is why we offer many different rental options for all our billboards. You can take advantage of our mobile billboards for all your advertising, promotion, and event needs.

Decades of Experience

If you decide to rent a Nomad Mobile Billboard, there are a few things you need to know and consider before you finalize your billboard. At Nomad Mobile Billboards, we are billboard experts who want to help make your billboard advertising a great success.

Design Matters

The most important part of your billboard is the design. Remember that people will be seeing your billboard quickly as they drive by. A good way to test to see if your billboard will be readable and the design will look good is to print the design on a business card and hold it away at an arm's length. If it looks good, then your billboard should look good as well!

Short and Sweet

Most people are seeing your Nomad Billboard for only for a few seconds. This means your message needs to be quick and effective. Keep the wording minimal and make your message clear.


We will help you choose a font that is as easy to read. Something bold, blocky, and simple. This will help people read the words on your billboard rather than spend time trying to figure out what it says.


Driving can get boring and dull, especially when stuck in traffic. Making your billboard entertaining can help it stand out more. You will want to make it creative and spark drivers' imagination. We have all seen creative billboards that make us think and are unique, those are the ones people remember.


You also want to make a billboard that is memorable. Whether your images speak to people, you make your billboard funny, or you go for a different angle, you want to make sure it is something that will stick in their minds.


Add "Snap Back" to your Nomad Billboard message for greater response and trackability.

Free Standard Graphic Design

Let Us Handle the Design

When you choose Nomad Mobile Billboards for your mobile billboard rental, we can also help you design the banner. Once your rental is over, the banner is yours to keep! If you're in a bit of a rush, we can put together a generic design for you quickly so you can have the billboard on your property ASAP.

If you're looking for something a bit more high-end, our design experts can completely customize your banner to suit your tastes. Call today discuss the details with an experienced professional.


Our goal is to make the mobile billboard rental process as hassle-free as possible. We can:

Design you a custom banner
Arrange banner printing
Incorporate your logo or existing design
Offer professional design advice

We're confident you'll be impressed with our work. Visit our Rates page today to see just how little you can spend on a custom mobile billboard.

Contact Information

Add "Snap Back" to your Nomad Billboard message for greater response and trackability.